SoMuchDota 2

In this first installation of Substance Painter for DOTA 2 videos, we'll cover setting up our files properly to render multiple assets, export all of the textures at the same time, and properly set our workshop imports to automatically reimport when we save! The time savings are enormous for a small setup cost. Easy mode!

This zip file includes a Substance File Preset, DOTA 2 shader for Painter that replicates in game lighting conditions.

This video covers the file setup for your low poly, materials, Substance files and rendering out of Substance Painter. 

This video covers the final Substance Painter setup , and how to auto reimport in DOTA 2 while you author textures.

These settings are out of date until further notice. They may be helpful in getting favorable viewport settings, but no promises.

Below you will find a page for each hero that collects various valuable information into one place. You'll find the technical requirement budgets for each asset, the shader settings and a some things to look out for on each character. This is a work in progress, and I'd love to hear what other things you might want on the pages!