SoMuchZBrush is a ZBrush plugin that simplifies the workflow of switching between high poly dynamesh blockouts and cleaner, lower density models with subdivisions. Less time in menus = more time sculpting!



Project+ projects current scene to object using enabled features.

Save Morph: Stores a morph target before doing the project. Try the morph brush after project with this on to clean up bad projections.

Poly Paint Only: Projects as normal, but only keeps the poly paint!



A one click remeshing button to save you countless menus scrolls during ZRemesh operations

Low Res(1K): Target resolution for ZRemesh on SubDivision 1

High Res(100k): This caps your high resolution so you dont get insanely high res models, not a final polycount. It will subdivide as long as the new subdivision does not exceed this value!

Recreate SubDs: Turning this switch on will duplicate your model, zremesh, subdivide up to your max count, store a morph, and then reproject your detail. 10 less scrolls through the menu to do what you do on every mesh!

R Groups: Enabling this switch will have ZRemesh keep your polygroups.

2x Remesh: Remeshes once with full group smoothing followed by a second ZRemesh without it resulting in a substantially cleaner(but less detailed) low poly.



A repackaging of the Dynamesh button to keep all quick topology tools in a consistent menu. No more searching!

Reproject: Turns on reproject for dynamesh.

D Groups: Dynameshes polygroups individually.

Dynamesh Detail: Sets dynamesh resolution.



Quickly split a single mesh into multiple meshes with a bevel profile and thickness!

Setup Groups: A quick button to delete subdivisions and run PolyGroupIt by paint. This will split your mesh up into individual polygroups!

Polish: A little science to clean up your edge loops before you add thickness. Super useful if cleanliness is your goal.

LoopHR: Primarily for hard surface use, this button will add a couple subdivisions before adding your panel loops making it relatively high density. Will result in cleaner planes.

Panel Thickness: Thickness of the created panel loops.

Bevel Profiles

Angle: 90 Angled profile for bevel shape.

Round: Rounded profile for bevel shape.

Square: Squared off profile for bevel shape.


Over: Places the extruded geometry above the surface of the source mesh.

Centered: Places the extruded geometry centered on the source mesh.

Under: places the extruded geometry below the surface of the source mesh.

Utility Tools


SymExtract: Extracts a mesh to your current extraction depth, turns on symmetry, selects the new mesh. No confirm dialog.

Divide2Max: Divides your mesh up to but not over your maximum polycount set above. Also retains open edges! ayyyy

PNT2GRP: Just a repeat of the Polygroupit menu added for simplicity.

GroupSym: Autogroups your mesh and groups symmetrical meshes. No more manual grouping for symmetry!