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Undying (Almighty Dirge)


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Item Slots / Budgets


LoD0 Triangle Limit: 1000
LoD1 Triangle Limit: 700
Texture Size: 256H x 256W 


LoD0 Triangle Limit: 600
LoD1 Triangle Limit: 300
Texture Size: 256H x 256W
The bracer is now its own slot separate from the armor. 


LoD0 Triangle Limit: 2300
LoD1 Triangle Limit: 1200
Texture Size: 256H x 512W
The armor slot now includes the belt. 

Flesh Golem (Ability 4)

LoD0 Triangle Limit: 5300
LoD1 Triangle Limit: 3700
Texture Size: 512H x 512W
To support cloth simulation and animation layering, Flesh Golems can only use Valve's default skeleton, joint positions and animations. There is no option to create custom animations or skeletons. Golem cast and attack animations may not play correctly in-game through the workshop tool but you will be able to preview more animations in the Preview Model page using the animation drop-down list. If you chose to skin your mesh to Valve's cloth joints, you won't see cloth simulation in the workshop tool. Valve will add cloth and full in-game animations if the item ships. If your Golem model displays skulls, excessive blood, exposed bones or entrails, you may need to submit a separate, low-violence version. The default low-violence Golem model is included in the Undying workshop .zip file for your reference. This ability model has a bone limit exception to use 62 bones to match Valve's default Golem skeleton. 

Shader Parameters


Gloss: 64
Specular Scale: 44.0
Specular Color: [1, 1, 1]
Rim Light Scale: 2.0
Rim Light Color: [1, 1, 1]
Diffuse Warp: default


Character Sheet

Credit: Spudnik

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