Version History

SoMuchZBrush Update 3

This update is largely about bringing better organization to your files to get things up and running in game as fast as possible—about 5 minutes to take a high poly with no low res into Unreal 4 with materials!

New Features

Unwrap: Fixes mesh errors, then unwraps your mesh from polygroups. If your mesh is symmetrical and you have symmetry on it will respect it.

Flatten: Flattens your current mesh into a UV plane. While in this mode, you can assign new polygroups--when you unflatten, it will ask you if you would like to re-unwrap.


Reorganized all exported files to be easier to manage and auto-import into game engines.

_Source: Source files (mesh maps, high poly, cfgs) save here

Game: Low res mesh and game textures save here

Substance: Painter files save here

Toolbag: Marmoset Toolbag files save here

-UV functions now do a better job of using your polygroups to create UV islands.

-Substance Painter now exports mesh maps to your _Source folder after baking your textures.

Bug fixes:

-Super small meshes now do a better job of reprojecting

-Huge meshes now do a better job of repojecting

-Using protomesh on single subtool meshes no longer gives you a polymesh3d start

-Command line for substance painter no longer exits randomly

SoMuchZBrush Update 2

Update 2 brings much requested Substance Painter baking into the fold!

New Features

ProtoMesh now supports baking in Substance Painter! Bake/Export type can be set in the new Settings menu at the bottom of the UI.

Render types include:

-Just Export: Will place your High and Low objs into your project folder, but not send to any plugin to bake. Use this if you you want to bake in a program i don’t yet support!

-Marmoset: Will place your High and Low objs into your project folder then send to Marmoset to bake.

-Substance: Will place your High and Low objs into your project folder then send to Substance Painter to bake.

Settings/ SP Folder: Set location of Substance Painter


Remesh+ Workflow change. You still set your low res, but instead of Maximum resolution, you set #of subdivs and get an estimate of the final resolution next to it. This is just an estimate, and the final result is often higher. There is a dialog to stop subdividing if you go over your estimate should you choose to.

Remesh+ UI changed so the switches are larger and more verbose.

ProtoMesh UI change: Drop down to select mesh type is now only one button instead of a dropdown and a selection indicator.

Divide2Max max resolution moved into settings.

Blockout+ Now does some scale manipulation for more consistent results.

Paint2Group removed from ui since it was redundant.

SoMuchZBrush Update 1

Update 1 is the first step into automation of prototype meshes! More to come!

New Features


One button, 3 clicks= simple prototype mesh to check out in game. Each press will advance the protoprep state

*Select Type:

Selects the method in which the low poly is generated.

Dynamesh/Remesh: Combines all your visible meshes, dynameshes to make them as contiguos as possible, then uses Zremesh to create a simplified geometry with cleaner edge loops. Great for models that are simple and dont have a lot of holes in the mesh.

Decimation: Combines all your visible meshes, dynameshes to make them as contiguos as possible, then uses Decimation to make a simple low poly mesh. Works best to get a solid approximation of a a very low poly mesh(I.E. DOTA 2 assets.)

SUBD1: Uses your lowest subdivision on every visible subtool and combines them. Works best if you dilligently block things out.  

SUBD1 Remesh: Uses your lowest subdivision on every visible subtool and combines them but Zremeshes at this resolution. Works best with things like Marvelous designer meshes.

Reset Proto: Resets the state of the Protomesh button to default state. Use this if you are switching projects or want to start fresh.

Proto Sym: Sets symmetry on for low res generation. This will not work if you are using SUBD1 or SUBD1/Remesh.

Low Poly Count: This slider controls the resolution of your generate low poly mesh. Not used if you select SUBD1 as your low poly type.

Marmoset: Enabling this feature will automatically import your meshes to Marmoset Toolbag 3, set up your baker, and bake your textures!

Proto Mesh Steps:

Menu with the Protomesh steps broken into single buttons. Useful if you want to repeat your UVs or reexport.

1 Merge: This merges your visible high poly mesh, creates a low poly model based on the type you've selected  and does some preparation for UV mapping. This is a one off alternative to the Protoprep state of the main button.

2 Unwrap: This button will take your current polygroups and does its best to turn them to UV islands on your low resolution mesh. If you have a symmetrical low poly and have Proto Sym selected, it will also make the UVS mirrored.

3 Export: This button will export your mesh to the folder you have set as your project and if you have the Marmoset switch on, it will send it to Toolbag to bake textures automatically.

MergeVis: New button to merge all visible subtools and automatically select the created subtool.

Settings Menu:

-Marm.Path: Sets the path to Marmoset Toolbag 3. Required to bake textures automatically!

-Proj.Folder: Sets the path your OBJs will export to. If you have Marmoset enabled, it will also generate your PSDs in this folder.

-Tex Res: Sets the resolution of your texture bakes in Marmoset Toolbag 3.


Dynamesh+ is now handled as a whole in the plugin by polycount, not resolution.

Blockout+ is now compatible with ZBrush 2018

Blockout+ buttons and switches were replaced with sliders so that they never get reset. Edge cases where users were unable to get groups should now be fixed.

Panel Loop It now works with all the same features as Blockout+

Remesh+ now has a Dyna switch that will do a dynamesh before doing ZRemesh and reprojecting. Super helpful if you are making very low poly meshes from many elements.

All Projection distances increased to a default of .1 to help with super low res meshes.