Why am I getting a “Failed to save project” error in Painter?

This is usually due to you having a recent protomesh.spp file open in another Painter window. If you close the first window it will start to bake. Alternatively, close your new window and change your project folder in the settings menu of SoMuchZBrush.

Why can’t I get pass the Unwrap step?

Sometimes with models that are two side but very thin dynamesh will do some pretty bad things. Check to see if you have a lot of tiny polygons or holes—if you do, make those areas of the mesh a little thicker by hand and try again.

I get an alert from Steam when I export to Substance painter from SoMuchZBrush. What is it?

SoMuchZBrush runs Painter from a command line to open your model and bake. Steam is just trying to make sure you meant to. Hit OK!

Why can’t I select Substance Painter.exe?

Some users have had issues setting their painter executable. A solution for this is to enable file extensions in windows explorer and then try to select it.

When will there be Mac Compatibility?

No date, as I do not have a great solution to test on right now. Will keep you posted.

Why are my panels so thin from Blockout+ and Panel Loop It?

There’s some math going on behind the scenes that’s limiting thickness if your model is really big. Should be fixed next version.

ProtoMesh is making a mess of my model, what can i do to make it work better?

If you have a lot of floating subtools, your best bet will be one of the SUBD1 mesh types. Dyna/Remesh and Decimation both deal pretty poorly with tunnels in your model but are great if you have a mostly air tight model.