Using SMM Height Helper

Using SMM Height Helper instead of just assigning a height map in your SoMuchMaterial will allow you to control your UV transforms as well ask mask your source height information uniquely. It’s a little tricky to figure out, but once you’ve gone through this once it should be super easy.

1: Drag your preferred SoMuchMaterial onto you mesh


2: Add the Smart Material "SMM Height Helper" below your SoMuchMaterial in the layer panel.


3: Open the folder and find "Select_ThisLayer."


4: On this layer’s properties panel, assign your height image or generator by replacing the texture named [replace this alpha] in the Height channel of the material section.


5: Be sure to set the color space from auto to linear in the down arrow below the X on the right!


6: Select your SoMuchMaterial and scroll to the bottom.


7: Click on the name Height and in the top right of the pop-up, click Anchor Points. You should have one from your Height Helper named "Alpha Collector." Select that!


8: In the same section, set the referenced channel to height. Setup done!


6) Scroll up to the Height paramaters inside of your SoMuchMaterial and slider away! Gogo gadget chainmail!